Sam Keele and Terry Lawless

In 1994 I decided to make a recording of some songs I had accumulated.
I had no musicians. I looked in the phone book for a guitarist and found one-
I forget his name. I looked in the phone book and found a studio-
Moon Productions & Recording Studio in Arroyo Grande, California.
The engineer’s name is Tom Gingel. Like Jingle. No really, that’s his name.

Tom referred me to a fellow named Terry Lawless who lived up in the hills
above Tepusquet. Tom informed me that Terry could play any keyboard instrument
plus the flute and saxophone. I met Terry at his house and we began recording
some of my tracks.

Little did I know that Terry Lawless was this famous Mega-Musician-Demi-god
of the Music World. At the time he was touring with Janet Jackson. The more
I found out about Terry the smaller I became. Just look at his Resume here
and, as a musician, you will feel small too.

My brother Benny and I owned and operated a little Bakery called the
Tan Top Bakery in Orcutt California, just down the hill and through the vineyards
from Tepusquet. I was broke and wanted to work with Terry, so I made a deal.

Terry would help me with my project and I would give him a tab at my Bakery.
Terry helped me produce my stuff and I gave him carrot cake and birthday cakes
and brownies and pies and cookies and everything else. Perfect.

We produced a little EP called “Look Inside”. (I’ll send you a copy for 10 bucks)
It is a collection of faith-based feel good God-centered songs. I was gonna bust
into the LDS Music scene.

In 1996 my son, Russell was born with a heart problem, and he turned my
financial and emotional world upside down. My music was put on hold indefinitely
until I could recover and stabilize my family.

Fast forward to 2009. New technology. New music business paradigm.
New music. New location. I am now in Utah. Voltaire 7 is formed.
I spoke with Terry (now touring with U2, doing their keyboards and
programming) about doing this a little at a time and he agreed that it was
possible. So the past few years we have been working on 12 new songs,
one at a time. It is tedious but fun and rewarding. We have great musicians,
great production, and great songs.

Keep your eye on this site for updates. The songs coming up will be an aural
delight to make your eardrums dance with joy.

"Anything too stupid to be said, is sung" ~Voltaire

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