Words and Music by Steven Keele © 2009 Steven Keele

Verse 1:
Itís been a long time since Iíve seen her,
Itís been a long time since Iíve cared.
I would like to come and see you,
In galaxies where none have dared.

Sailing away, on ships of sand,
Sailing to the starlight sun.
Coming back from distant lands,
Going to the Land of None.

Verse 2:
Packed up the ship and started that day,
Off through the endless shores.
We came down through the milky way,
To where we never, ever been before


Verse 3:
Finally came to the Land of None,
Came through the endless shores.
I found you there and we went away,
To the Land of Nevermore.


Artist Info
Words and Music by Steven Keele©
2009 Steven Keele
Produced by Terry Lawless
Drums, Bass and Keyboard tracking- Terry Lawless
Guitars- Kevin Dukes
Lead and Background Vocals- Sam Keele
Additional vocals- Terry Lawless

All rights are reserved by the artist.
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at the email address: baykerboy@aol.com